cropped-Screenshot-2016-06-04-00.00.10.pngFor a long time I felt I needed to be more “qualified” before speaking or sharing on the ancient wisdoms. Recently I realised… perhaps I was looking at things backwards. The Ancient Truths can never be taught, they must be discovered within.

As I continue my studies ~ I share with you here, my own journey through the application of these teachings in daily life. The more I study, the more I realise the less I actually know. I have come to understand that we cannot control exterior events, and truly only have control over our own actions and reactions. We also have the ability to choose and manoeuvre through our thoughts and emotions, they are the navigators of our lives.

It is through the personal application of compassion, unconditional love, understanding, unity, forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude that we can make a difference in our world. Like candles in the blackest night, together we can illuminate and help to eliminate darkness.

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